23 October 2008


No, I'm not going on a rant about who is right, wrong, etc., etc. I get more than enough of that from the c.b. and satellite radio (podcasts have saved my sanity this year). James and I are taking advantage of the early voting tomorrow so that will take care of part of our civic duties. I just wanted to share just a small portion of the idiocy that I heard this morning driving on into N. Little Rock. Some guy was on the c.b. saying that Congress, the banks, and the rich MAN was solely to blame for the mortgage crisis, it wasn't the fault of people who bought the overpriced houses or applied for multiple credit cards. Umm, last time I checked there weren't hordes of bankers/real estate agents/congresspeople holding guns to people's heads forcing them to sign those closing papers. Granted, when we bought our house there was some sales pressure from the agent about how we could qualify for a house that was $25,000-30,000 more than the range we were looking in but I had done my homework, knew what our interest rate was going to be, the closing costs, and what we could comfortably afford for a monthly mortgage payment. It was easy, I just said "No thanks" and smiled at her.

Where am I going with this? Personal responsibility. I am so sick of people asking "What are you going to do for me?" when they should be asking "What can I do to make this better?" Anyway, do your civic duty--VOTE (even if getting called up for jury duty is a major p.i.t.a.).