21 June 2009

appearances and perceptions

I found myself in a particularly amusing situation Saturday morning on the group ride (bicycles, not motorcycles) that just kind of got my mind to wondering. Our training group is made up mostly of members of the health profession, doctors, lab assistants, etc....and right now this particular group is all male--except for me of course ;-).

So, we have all these guys in white-collar professions and then there I am-female, heavily tattooed, and a TRUCK DRIVER! It's hilarious to see the new guys' reactions. I've been riding with 3-4 of these guys on a regular basis for little over a year now so they're used to me and know that most of the time I can keep up with them and sometimes even outride them if they're having an off day. But when you throw in a new group of people into the mix that have never met me, there are a few reactions I've come to expect

1) the tattoos-I usually get the "But you don't look like somebody who would have tattoos". A woman that works at the Cotulla fuel stop put it this way--"She has these bad-a** sleeves but a sweet, innocent face so it totally surprises you." Now, it's surprising to me at age 40 to be described as being sweet and innocent but hey, it's kind of a cool compliment, LOL. I look at it this way if I can bring a positive image to tattoos, then maybe there will be a little less narrow-mindedness towards the inked (yeah, I realize I'm kind of dreaming there).

2)female--I try not to put myself in a group that averages anything over 21 mph because right now not counting city riding, I'm in the 18-20 mph average range. However in that group I still get the "Is she going to slow us down?" from guys that haven't ridden with me before. Hey, I may not have those super-nifty fast twitch muscles to sprint with but once I get warmed up, my slow-twitch muscles can usually keep going for however long the ride is. And I do try to keep my complaining to a minimum.

3)truck driver--This one is the most fun.....I always have to explain that yes, I do drive a big truck, no, I don't drive team. Typical questions and I don't think not a single day passes that I'm not asked at least one of those. You throw in a pair of running shoes and/or a bike though and I absolutely love answering them, particularly if I'm able to kick the person's bootie on a run or ride :-). It's just so wickedly funny and cool to watch somebody's facial expressions after finding that out.


Terry said...

Well, I am just proud to know you!! Yes, your sleeves are awesome. Yes, you look sweet ( I dont know about the innocent part). I cannot begin to fathom what a twitch muscle is...and you totally rock. I know, I know, I keep telling you this, but you are such an inspiration to me...

Indy said...

To be perfectly honest, Gabby, I am not into tattoos at all BUT that doesn't mean that I stereotype people according to whether they wish to have them or not - each to their own. Hell, most people think I am some sort of geek because I am into Amateur Radio, or am backward because there are only 2 types of music ... country AND western! Hahahaha

You are a truck driver and a competant one, or else you wouldn't be dedicated, I am guessing. I don't know how your systems work, but it appears to me that the creme` del la creme` are the dedicated people over there.

As for keeping up ...... hmmmmm .... next week I should be able to run to the back of my trailer - with luck!

You girls are inspiring to me and I am working at my fitness - at my pace and in my way. I have a LONG way to go (I am 6'2" and about 250Lbs and have not much lung capacity - but improving except for this flu) but the enthisiasm of you girls is infectious. I just wish the bloody flu wasn't!!!! Hahahaha

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks Terry! Those twitch muscles (or rather the lack of the fast twitchers!) are the bane of my existence right now. Stressing 'cause I have a 5k Saturday and I would loooove to get under 25 minutes and don't think it's going to happen because of the heat.

Indy, it's perfectly fine that you're not into tattoos ;-). Like you say to each their own. I'm ok at driving, I have the dedicated because James and I happened to be at the right place at the right time (I'm all cliche'y tonight) to meet the right person in charge. I've kept the dedicated because I listened to James when he trained me, i.e. being courteous and reliable.

You should see the big ole grin on my face from reading that Terry and I have inspired you! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!

Indy said...

Except for this week I have the damned flu and couldn't walk to the road and back! I am really short of breath and home for the week.

The good thing is I may catch up on some blog posts AND some videos I have in the can!

The bad thing is I will lose about $1200 in wages. That's the difference between what I usually earn and what I WILL earn this week! Bugger!

Truckin Tedybehr said...

Hey Gabby ... I've managed to catchup on your blog. I really appreciate you sharing part of your life with us. It really is inspiring to follow your adventures whether it is regarding you driving or running or biking.

I hope to one day to become a driver but I'm not going to do anything until the economy straightens up.

Hey...how about posting some good pics of your sleeves?

Indy ... if you read this, I would love to check out your blog. If you don't mind, give me a shout with the addy to your blog. You can contact me through my blog or e-mail truckin.tedybehr (at) gmail.com

Annette said...

I miss you!!

Indy said...

I get confused easily Mr. Ted E Beare so I will just leave a note here (with Gabby's indulgence).

http://aussieindy.blogspot.com/ should get it for you but I should warn you, my stuff is not even in the same league as these ladies - I mean they CAN WRITE!
Aside fromn that, I tend to write a lot less personally and have a bit of a jaundiced view of the industry. It comes with too long in it, I think!

I hope you don't mind me hijacking this comment to provided Truckin Tedynehr with the info, Gabby. Somehow I don't think it will be an issue, sweet lady that you are, Gabby.

Truckin Tedybehr said...

Thanks Indy.

Thanks Gabby for allowing the brief highjacking of the comments.

gabsatrucker said...

Indy and Tedybehr
Y'all can hijack the comments anytime. If I remember I'll have James take pics of the sleeves next time we have time off together at home--his schedule is completely out of whack this month.

Annette, I miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indy said...

Remind me, one day, Gabby, to email you privately regarding tattoos et al. :-)