13 July 2009

Why aren't we home?

Still in Laredo.........There are worse places to lay over, at least here I can bobtail pretty much anywhere, but I'm about shopped out and am past stir-crazy. Elsie agrees, lol.

Hmm, what's new? My left hip is only twinging a little this morning so hopefully I'll be able to go for a run tomorrow with no pain and Indy called me this morning, YAY!! Having a blog and commenting on others has brought me so many new friends that I otherwise would have never met. I love web 2.0!!!!!!

A funny story about my last training ride before I left home--I was trying to go up this huge hill that's back behind our neighborhood and made it up one side okay (albeit very slowly). rode around the ridge to catch my breath and prepared to go up the other side of the hill to head back home. Unfortunately I didn't get up quite enough momentum and then missed the gear shifting down........Yep, in slow motion I topple over to the right while clipped in and did it right in front of somebody's house. You know they were outside ;) because that kind of thing can't go unwitnessed. I was like a turtle on its back, couldn't move my feet to unclip at all, had to reach down and unstrap the left shoe to pull my foot out before I could get loose. Soooooooo embarrassing, esp. with the guy hollering out in a panicked one "Are you okay?!?" The only thing hurt was my ego, lol.