16 August 2009

Eh week

Not a bad week nor a good one, just eh..................

Did manage to get a Tuesday Mt. Juliet pickup and even though James' appt wasn't until Wednesday he went ahead and drove over with me so that we could enjoy each other's company for at least a short while. As of today we both have Tuesday pickups for the coming week so maybe things are starting to get back to normal. Fingers are crossed :-).

I finally sat down and wrote my marathon training plan into the calendar and my, oh my, has the reality of what I'm trying to accomplish hit home. Not quite sure what little sanity I have left is going to survive this........Anyway today was the end of week 4 of a 16 week training plan.

Monday--rest day, ran 2.01 easy miles with Elsie

Tuesday--4.14 mile run and 1 mile with James around outlet mall. Boring scenery but was happy to be out with James

Wednesday--6 miles at Mt. Vernon, TX. Finally made it into the downtown area to run the square. Very pretty, I love small towns that have put some effort into restoring and maintaining their downtowns. 6 chin-ups at Salado rest area

Thursday--Rest!!!!!!! Did walk around quite a bit shopping while I was waiting for a dispatch and James to get to Laredo

Friday--4.23 miles with James at Von Ormy, TX. Flat road across from the Love's fuel stop, new asphalt on a fair bit of it that felt nice and spongy. Did 8 1/4 mile intervals since it was such a flat area. Hot, sunny, humid, hot...........my interval times sucked. Did calisthenics while walking Elsie in the afternoon at a picnic area, 4 x 25 pushups, 3 x 10 straight leg dips, 4 x 15 sets of walking lunges, 50 twist crunches and 2 sets of side planks.

Saturday--3.38 miles with Elsie at River Trail after James and I dropped our trucks off at International dealer for warranty/recall work (fuel tanks had no crossover lines so if electric pump went out on one you'd only be able to draw fuel off of the other side). Elsie received lots of "awww how cute" comments :-).

Sunday--10 mile long run. I wanted to meet Alyson between 0630-0700 and that meant I had to get out and run before dawn--by myself :(. I'm okay running solo up to 7-8 miles but anything more than that is just miserable. Tummy issues resulted in 2 stops back at my house so having to stick to the neighborhood was kind of a good thing albeit very boring. When I had just under 2 miles left I made a third stop at the house to wake up James so he could load up our bicycles and gear while I finished up the run. Made it back with less than 30 minutes to spare in order to change clothes and grab a quick bite to eat. Whew! We then rode 22.93 miles (by my computer) in 2 hours. That time doesn't include water breaks and the stop to refill water bottles.

Weekly totals--29.76 miles ran (28 on schedule, fall back week)
22.93 cycled (pitiful)
strength training--not near enough.

I did skip a duathlon on Saturday that I had really, really, really wanted to do but the 3 races in a row combined with a messed up work schedule has left me mentally exhausted. Several friends did race it and at least two did the triathlon so I'm sad that I missed it--but I needed the mental break more.

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Terry said...

I am so glad to hear that your work schedule seems to be heading back on track!! and ....

I am very curious about your training schedule, so I hope you intend to post weekly summaries up until the big day!!