09 August 2009

My lucky running skirt

I love running skirts, they are oh so cute on but I don't feel fast in them. And if you're a runner who also dabbles in races much like this midpack age-grouper then you know it's important to feel "fast" even if you're not a front of the pack speedster. Hey, it's mind games but if it works, then it works. I'll take every advantage that I can get ;-). As a result, most of my races are run in Nike tempo shorts.

Just a tad over 3 weeks ago I wandered into Hibbett's here in Searcy with a $20 coupon, my intention was to buy a 2nd pair of running shoes but I took a detour into the clothes section. And it was there that I found it--a Nike running skirt that looked fast as well as cute. I kept waffling back and forth on buying it, after all $60 is quite a chunk of change for running apparel (shoes are a different story). Well, that running skirt went home with me after about 30 minutes deliberation.

It's..............Perfect! It's shorter than most running skirts, wicks like a dream, has a zippered back pocket big enough to fit my Iphone in, and it's just darn cute......I've also set 2 personal records in that skirt so there was no contest about packing it with me this week for the Watermelon 5k. It had become my lucky running skirt, I was sure to have a fantastic race again I thought. Well, I thought my lucky running skirt let me down today (yes, I know in reality it was my lack of eating that did me in, but bear with me) and was lamenting to James about how it was no longer a good luck charm.

James, however, in all his wonderful wisdom, pointed out that I still placed in my age group (1st, unless they find some more errors like in the 30-34 group) and I was able to finish the race without puking or passing out despite my poor judgement in fueling (or non-fueling). Therefore the skirt was still my lucky running skirt! Oh, happy day!!!!!!

Ok, ok, this is a silly post but I do love this skirt. As a matter of fact, James suggested that I go buy a 2nd one but I think that would just jinx my new-found good luck charm.