22 January 2010

Is that supposed to pop like that?

Nothing new here work wise :), which is a good thing I suppose, lol.  The only thing half-way interesting this week was when the guy in shipping at Gadsden asked what the company said about my bumper. When I told him that they were ok with it but I would lose my safety bonus for the next year, his reaction was "But you couldn't even see that rack, that's not fair."  The good news is that the plant is actually making an effort to keep the area in front of the docks cleared out now.

Workout recap

Monday--1 mile walk with Elsie, 15 minutes stretching & core test = 31 pushups, 36 squats, & 71 situps consecutively. Not bad considering it was at the end of a VERY long day

Tuesday--4.07 mile run in 37:59 at Breaux Bridge, LA. Still tired & it was windy

Wednesday--3 mile run in 27:43 at Pearsall, TX. Very windy & humid. Core workout was done immediately after run
pushups 75 (14/18/14/14/15) last setup should've been 20 but was tired & face planted at 15 :(
situps 120 (21/27/21/21/30)
squats 97 (16/22/17/17/25)

Thursday--7.64 mile 30 minute spin on trainer (turbo!). 10 minutes easy, 20 minutes all out effort

And that brings me to today (Friday).  I'd decided that I wanted some miles in on the trails so we headed out to Riverside Park mountain bike trails (James rode his mountain bike while I ran).  I have complained before that our trails are very technical and I hadn't taken into account the heavy rains we've had all winter.  Quite a bit of the trail system has been washed out or is completely blocked off by debris, yuck.......

Despite that I was still having a great run up and down the hills, through the creeks, and over the rocks.......until mile 4.91..........I came down on an unstable rock that was covered by leaves and as that stupid rock shifted, so did my right foot. Problem is the ankle tried to go an opposite direction of the toes along with this very ugly pop. 


Instantly sat down and was just sitting there with my right knee pulled up to my chest trying to catch my breath.  In the meantime, James has caught up to me and is trying to hand me the bottle of water because he thinks I'm just sitting there admiring the view of the quarry, LOL.  I know I've mentioned it elsewhere but can't remember if I have here, but when I hurt myself severely, I might utter one curse word but then go immediately quiet. No tears, no nothing--just quiet. If I'm talking then I'm not injured too terribly, lol.

Once I can talk enough to let James know what's wrong, he of course wants to carry my fat arse out of there.  Not happening if I can help it though, lol......Once I decided nothing was broken, got up found a stout branch to use as a walking stick & we hiked back to the pickup that thank gawd was only .56 miles away :).

Anyhoo, I am now using RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and hoping that the swelling will be down by morning, if it's not then I'll head to the doctor's office.  What really pisses me off is that Sunday is the first race of the state RRCA Grand Prix season so if I don't make it then there goes any chance of iron person status in 2010.

Pics of the ankle and briar scratches, lol. Oh and what happened to me today is a very good example of why you don't go trail running solo....