18 February 2012


I debated on whether to post this about the road rage incident in the UK or not since it's a fairly divisive issue but decided to go ahead and put the vid up as well as my thoughts about it...........First off I am a cyclist and have been subjected to some abuse and dangerous situations while out riding and many of my friends have as well.  But after viewing this clip several times in full screen mode and watching the cyclist's actions I am of the opinion that he should have been charged as well as the bus driver.  His actions were just as deplorable and endangered lives as well.  Don't get me wrong, I am NOT defending the bus driver, he is damn lucky he didn't kill the cyclist or anyone else (chain reactions) and his conviction is well-deserved but I do not think "oh poor, innocent cyclist" after watching this either.  Just because you are on two wheels doesn't mean you are exempt from safe road conduct any more than any other vehicle.


Thank you goes out to TWBrit for sending me the link to this incident